Friday Fly-Day

On Friday the 13th SWIA celebrates by swimming 1300 meters of FLY. Check the calendar for future dates.

2000 Meter IM

Check the calendar for future 2000 IM dates.

10,000 Meter Swim

On New Years Eve morning join the club for an enjoyable 10,000 meter swim. That’s right only 10,000 meters…..


The Butternuts are a nationwide 500+ butterfly club. Club members will receive a certificate and a t-shirt.


  1. Continuous butterfly swim – 500 yard minimum
  2. The Swim duration must be USA/USMS legal (regulation butterfly; no one-arm, fins, etc.)
  3. A witness must be present to verify completion

To be a recognized butternut and to receive your t-shirt fill out the form attached below: